About the Author

Ron Smith was born in Selma, Alabama, although he spent most of his younger life in Oregon, near Salem. In his late teens, he lived in the suburbs northeast of Sacramento, California. After he married his beloved wife, Jane, they lived in the Sierra foothills and built custom homes on country properties between Loomis and Grass Valley.
He also spent many years as a graphic and sculptural artist, working in oils and water colors, as well as stone and wood sculpture.
For thirty years he had a dream: he wanted to write an epic-fantasy series. And that meant he had a ton of work and learning to do. This included being a long-time subscriber to two magazines: WRITER’S DIGEST, and THE WRITER. During that period, he accumulated and studied nearly a hundred books designed to aid those wishing to become proficient writers. For many years now, most of the evening hours he spends in front of a TV screen have been with a “self-help for writers” resource in his lap.
Shortly after he got married, he became a devout reader of epic fantasy and science fiction (with his readerly wife’s encouragement). But during the last eleven years, (along with reading other authors, as always) his focus has been on actively writing during the day, even as his study of writing continues in the evenings.
Finally, the hard work has paid off and he is able to share his story with the world. He writes from the heart, filling the pages with deep passion and heroic adventure.
Now that his dream is realized, his hope is that readers like you will find his story enjoyable enough to list among your favorites.
He stands solidly behind the old saying ― “Follow your Dreams!”
And in his own words…”Who knows what might come of it?”

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